I don’t like Turkey.  No wiser words were spoken or were more prolific at the time they were spoken.  It was these words that changed traditions and put life into perspective for generations to come in the Wyckoff family.

 Let me backfill this story.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis was the diagnosis that my father Wayne Wyckoff received in 2003.  “The average person once diagnosed would live approximately 2 years” is what we were told.  When my father got this message in his early sixties, with his father in his late 80s still alive, it started to put things into perspective. 

 What decisions would you make differently TODAY if you knew you only had 2 years to live? 

 730 days

17,520 Hours

1,051,200 Minutes

It was three weeks before Thanksgiving and my mother was getting ready to have the family over for the holiday.  My mother loves the fall, it’s her favorite time of year, and getting the house looking cozy and warm for the autumn season is one of her favorite activities.  She turns to my father, now on Co2, and asks him what size turkey he would like to get for Thanksgiving.  My father sat and thought about it for a minute, and responded with the important words:

 “I don’t like Turkey”

 “What?”  my mother said. We have been having a Thanksgiving Turkey for 35+ years!  I’ve never been a fan of Turkey either! So what do you WANT to have for Thanksgiving?

 “Steak and Lobster”

Since that Thanksgiving and his passing only 5 months later, we have enjoyed steak and lobster for family holidays.

A thought and question to ponder today:  What “Turkey” decisions will you be making over the next few weeks and if you could REALLY ask for what you want, why would you wait until the end of your life to ask?


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